The Strangers - Synopsis

Star Trek Voyager Script:  “The Strangers”

During an encounter with an alien vessel, the Doctor becomes trapped in the holodeck.  Like a ghost, he can see and hear what others are doing in the holodeck, but he cannot make himself seen or heard by them.  He watches as several of the crew members reveal hidden sides of themselves through their holodeck programs.  Neelix is rueful at the prospect of never seeing his people again.  Tuvok laments he will not see his children grow up.  Janeway consults Dr. Freud over guilt about getting Voyager lost in the Delta Quadrant.  Seven explores the childhood she never had.  Paris consults a Klingon priest about relationship problems with Torres.  Eventually, the Doctor realizes that the aliens are not the benign benefactors they seem, but are in fact an evil species bent on destroying Voyager.  To escape the holodeck, he transfers his program to Seven of Nine's neural-implant, and together they expose the aliens for what they really are, and save the ship.

Required Guest Cast (in order of appearance)
Pleetos (male humanoid alien)
Arginess  (female humanoid alien)
Ensign Schindler (male crew member)
Alixa (female Talaxian - Neelix's sister from “Mortal Coil” episode) *
Vulcan Child (male, about 10 years old)
Dr. Freud (male, elderly human)
Flotter (male, holodeck character from “Once upon a time” episode) *
Trevis (male, holodeck character from “Once upon a time” episode) *
Klingon Priest (male, elderly)

* Although these 3 characters appeared in previous Voyager episodes, they require heavy makeup, so if the actors who originally portrayed them are unavailable, substitutes could be used.

 Required Non-Standard Sets (in order of appearance)
Balcony scene from “Romeo & Juliet”
“Big Band” nightclub room
Star-Fleet HQ banquet room
Vulcan child's bedroom
Dr. Freud's office
“Flotter” holo-novel glade scene from “Once upon a time” episode
Klingon temple room
Grand Canyon vista

Required Non-Standard Optical Effects (in order of appearance)
“Beautiful” version of alien spaceship
“Malevolent” version of alien spaceship