These are a couple of Star Trek Voyager scripts, "The Strangers" and "Gate of Tears," that I wrote way back in 1999 and which I sent in to Paramount Studios during the penultimate season of Voyager.

Although they didn't use them, they liked them enough to invite me out to Los Angeles to pitch other ideas to them, which I did.  Ultimately, they did not buy anything from me, however I am quite convinced that the last act of "The Strangers" helped inspire the last season Voyager episode "Body and Soul."  I can never prove it, but there are similarities and the timing is right; They got my script about a year before Body and Soul aired, and I read it takes about a year for an episode to go from conception to completion.  So, I choose to believe that I had some influence over Star Trek history, no matter how trivial.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


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